A visit to the hairdressers on January 4th proves I’m nothing if not a cliché.

‘What are we doing?’ Phil the hairdresser asks me.

‘Something new,’ I tell him. ‘I’m bored of looking like this.’ Phil strokes his beard and studies me for signs of post Christmas delirium, before agreeing that a change is exactly what I need.

He cuts me a fringe and a few inches off. The former proves controversial. My friends give it a warm response. My kids tell me I look weird. But then one of them asked for a WWE belt for Christmas so I’m not taking any style tips from him.

The point is I look different, marginally so, but different all the same. And change is good isn’t it? It makes us feel fresh and rejuvenated. With some recent and lamentable exceptions, change helps us move forward. Which brings me neatly if somewhat tenuously onto our Killer Women plans for 2017.


Last year was a big year for us. We plotted death and murder in our anthology. We welcomed book lovers and international bestsellers to our first Killer Women Festival at Shoreditch Town Hall. Aside from the headlines, the big names and being filmed for the BBC’s Imagine, what really tickled us was seeing so many people in one place chatting about books. It’s why we Killer Women banded together in the first place. This year we’re introducing our Killer Weekends. The first, planned for October, will be a workshop for aspiring crime writers. We’re still working on the finer details but as soon as they’re confirmed, our Killer Women Club members will be the first to know about dates, venues and early bird offers. If that’s not enough to entice you to sign up, we hope this will be…


Our Killer Women Club is undergoing a revamp to make it…well, more of a book club. Firstly, because we know how to spoil you, we have a proof of Paula Hawkins’ new novel, Into the Water to give away to one member months before publication. Coming on the back of the mega selling The Girl on The Train, it’s hot property. All we advise is that the winner keep it under lock and key.


Staying with the something for nothing theme, we’ve decided to give ourselves away to KW Club members, in novel form at least. Thanks to the support of our publishers, subscribers will soon receive exclusive free samples of our new books before they’re available to buy. This is the roll call of novels that members will be able to taste test this year;



Jane Casey – Let the Dead Speak

Sarah Hilary – A Quieter Killing



Erin Kelly – He Said / She Said

KT Medina – Scared to Death



Tammy Cohen – They All Fall Down



Colette McBeth – An Act of Silence



Mel McGrath – Give Me the Child



Laura Wilson – The Other Woman


Sign up for the Killer Women Club HERE!


To anyone who runs their own book club, please drop by our website, Facebook page or Twitter and say hello. If you fancy reading one of our novels you can ask us to join your session over Skype. If we’re available, we can answer your questions and talk about our writing and the new and innovative ways we find to procrastinate. We rarely bite. Only on full moons.


We’re also planning a Killer Women Recommends slot because we think we’ve got good taste and we know you have too. And we’d love to hear what you’re reading and enjoying, the twists that have blindsided you, the themes you think have reached overkill, the new (or old) authors you’ve discovered who’ve got you reading into the night.


Finally, and this is very important to us, we’ll be inviting many more authors to become our Killer Women Partners in Crime. Part of our mission has been to come up with great events such as our murder mysteries or forensics sessions where we don’t simply talk at our audiences but involve them, and this year we want other writers to join in the mischief. The group was never about being exclusive, it was about making sure there were enough chairs and wine glasses for us all in Mel’s house. And if ever there was a need for more Killer Women in the world, we firmly believe that time is now.

– Colette McBeth