Critical Incident Training

4.30-5.30pm Barrister’s Court

When a disaster happens – a shooting, a bombing, a plane crash – survival can depend on the tiniest of decisions. But what we do at that time, how we think, how we feel, how we react, even what we remember, all come down to what it is our brain is doing in those critical moments. In this session, we will explore what the brain does when the end is nigh, and how we can best survive it, with former police and military psychologist Emma Kavanagh.

Emma Kavanagh

Emma Kavanagh is a former police and military psychologist, who has written five critically acclaimed novels within the genre of psychological crime. After completing a degree and PhD in psychology, Emma began her own consultancy business, providing training to police & military across the UK & Europe. She taught police officers and NATO personnel about the psychology of critical incidents, terrorism, body recovery and hostage negotiation. She has run around muddy fields taking part in tactical exercises, has designed live fire training events, has been a VIP under bodyguard protection and has fired more than her fair share of weapons. 


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