D. E.  Meredith is the author of the historical crime series featuring the first forensic scientist, Professor Adolphus Hatton and published in the UK by A&B and St Martin’s Minotaur in the US. After reading English at Cambridge, Denise  trained in advertising, then worked as a environmental campaigner before running the press office at the British Red Cross, where she oversaw the press response to all international humanitarian disasters, and spearheaded the landmines campaign. During this period she travelled extensively to humanitarian disasters, including Rwanda during the height of the genocide, Bosnia, Cambodia  and Afghanistan.  She now combines her love of fiction writing with consultancy work in PR, campaigning and media relations specialising in aid and development issues. She was a Trustee of Afghanaid for a number of years.

She lives with her family in south-west London and along side other work, is currently writing a psychological thriller. She has appeared at numerous literary festivals and loves talking about all aspects of crime writing especially historicals, gothic and noir.

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