Killer Women in the Pittsburg Post Gazette

Pittsburg Post Gazette (August 23) compares Killer Woman K.T. Medina’s White Crocodile with fellow Killer Woman Paula Hawkins’ The Girl on the Train:

“Those who liked Paula Hawkins’ The Girl on the Train should also appreciate K.T. Medina’s WHITE CROCODILE… Both are first novels by young British women, former journalists who have a news writer’s aversion to florid descriptions and complicated metaphors… Both Rachel in “Train” and Tess in “Crocodile” lie to those around them, but they are honest with themselves and the reader is privy to this introspection… But there is one big difference between Rachel and Tess. When things fell apart for Rachel she became a drunk. When things went wrong for Tess, she headed for Southeast Asia. Call her The Girl on the Plane… This “girl” story is also hard to put down.”

Read the full article here.

New Release: Hidden Sins by Alison Joseph

Hidden Sins-2Alison Joseph’s new ebook novella, featuring Agatha Christie as a detective, is out on 24th August, published by Endeavour Press. The paperback edition will follow on August 30th.

Amazon UK: Kindle

Amazon US: Kindle

It is June, 1925. Agatha Christie is staying in Cornwall, taking a break to work on her new novel, a romance. But her plans are interrupted when one of the guests is found shot dead on the hotel tennis courts. Frederick Collyer was researching the life of a local man, an eminent chemist who worked on camouflage.  As Agatha is drawn into the investigation, it becomes clear that the killing has its roots in the Great War, and the truth is obscured by the shadows it still casts.

Anya Lipska on BBC Radio 4

One Killer Woman makes her BBC Radio 4 debut this week, with a short story by Anya Lipska which introduces her private eye Janusz Kiszka in an exclusive prequel to her Kiszka & Kershaw detective thriller series. The story, ‘Another Kind of Man’, is the first of a three part strand by different writers examining the Polish experience in the UK from a variety of angles. Tune in at 3.45pm this Friday 28 August or on catch-up here.

Anya’s latest book is available at Waterstones or at online outlets including Amazon.

New Release: The Life I Left Behind by Colette McBeth

The Life I Left BehindColette McBeth’s new psychological thriller is out in paperback in the UK on August 13th, published by Headline. Buy from bookshops or via Amazon.

Amazon UK: HardcoverPaperback | Kindle

Amazon US: HardcoverKindle

Six years ago Melody survived a vicious attack. Since then she’s locked herself away and rebuilt her life.  Her attacker was jailed, so she thought. But when the body of another woman is found in identical circumstances, Melody realises the threat has been out there all along.

Now she knows she has to uncover the truth, even if the only person who can lead her to it is already dead…

New Release: A Dark and Sinful Death – A Sister Agnes Mystery by Alison Joseph

AJAlison Joseph’s Sister Agnes Mystery, A Dark and Sinful Death, has been reissued as e-book in the UK and in the US. Available via Amazon.

Amazon UK: Kindle

Amazon US: Kindle

Attractive, stylish, not naturally saintly, Agnes Bourdillon isn’t the kind of woman you expect to be a nun.

And the expensive girls’ boarding school in West Yorkshire where she’s been sent to teach is hardly a place in which one would expect to find an art mistress as disturbed as Joanna Baines, discovered by Agnes in the art room, surrounded by black paint and desecrated paintings.

Next day, Joanna has disappeared from the school.

And the day after that, a twenty-two-year-old gardener, Mark Snaith, is murdered on the moors nearby, his face horribly mutilated.

The death count starts to rise, and Agnes realises that understanding the ties which bind the close knit community outside the school might just be the key to who is behind these awful crimes.

But runaway school girls and an appearance from her past continue to complicate Agnes’ life.

As she begins to uncover the dark secret that lies beneath the façade of a well respected, local mill owning family, Agnes realises that there’s more than meets the eye…

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