New Release: FIRST ONE MISSING by Tammy Cohen

Skærmbillede 2015-06-28 kl. 20.12.28Tammy Cohen’s new psychological thriller, First One Missing, is published on 2nd July. Pre-order from bookshops or via Amazon.

Amazon UK: Hardback | Kindle

Amazon US: Kindle

Megan Purvis, Tilly Reid, Leila Botsford, Poppy Glover. Four little girls with their lives ahead of them, found dead on Hampstead Heath, one after the other. Four families destroyed. No wonder they cling together, forming a support group the press dubs ‘Megan’s Angels’. Who else could possibly understand their specific brand of torment? Who else shares the same nightmare?

As the summer hots up and pressure mounts on police to find the killer, everyone is feeling the strain – Leanne the stressed-out Family Liaison Officer; Emma, the mother of the second victim, desperately searching for clues; Sally, the ambitious reporter trying to re-ignite her flagging career. Meanwhile, just a couple of miles away, but unknown to the others, City bar worker Jason Shields, has met a new girlfriend online, but it’s her eleven-year-old daughter he’s really interested in.

Tensions reach breaking point and relationships between the key players are stretched tight enough to snap. The Megan’s Angels group begins to implode as the police net closes in on Jason Shields. But will they get to him in time and, more importantly, is he really the man they’re after?

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